Aksys Games Anime Expo Announcements – Localization’s and PC Ports Incoming

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The Anime Expo is home to a lot of great game announcements for handhelds as last year we got announcements for the Vita like Digimon Cyber Sleuth and the like. But this year got a lot of announcements as well, with Aksys Games Announcing a lot of Vita & 3DS titles coming over in addition to a few PC ports. Thank you RPG Site for covering the Aksys Games Panel at the Anime Expo and tweeting the news to us all. 

  • Trailer for Zero Time Dilemma, Shiren the Wanderer and Exist Archive Presented at the start of their event
  • A number of Steam/PC Ports Announced: Xblaze Lost: Memories, Aegis of Earth
  • Ports of Ventures Last Reward and 999 Announced for being in Production; no platforms announced
  • Chase Cold Case Investigations – Distant Memories for 3DS Coming to the E-Shop this fall; from the makers behind Hotel Dusk
  • Ninja Usagimaru is also coming to the 3DS E-Shop this Fall
  • A Number of Visual Novels got announced for localization for the Vita: Bad Apple Wars,  Period Cube & Collar X Malice coming in 2017
  • Code: Realize Future Blessings fan disk being localized; no platforms announced
  • Tokyo Xanadu from Nihon Falcom (makers of the Ys Series) is getting localized for the PS Vita and Steam in 2017. Vita Version getting both digital and physical release. 
  • No word on localization of the PS4 version (has extra/expanded content): “Aksys Games said they don’t have any plans right now for Tokyo Xanadu ex+ on PS4. It’s a wait and see.”

This was a great day for the 3DS, PC and Vita. A lot of great games are coming and we can’t wait to share more news about them as information comes out.

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