Skullgirls Mobile Game Announced

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Skullgirls is a poplar IP made by Lab-Zero for many platforms like the PS Vita, PS3, Xbox 360, PC and PS4. Now, the game is getting a new title for mobile platforms thanks to Hidden Variable. Pocket Gamer has the full story below.

Designed as more of a ‘complementary’ series of stories to the console game, with the first season acting as a prequel to the franchise, this complex fighter is apparently taking a more casual and accessible approach to the series with RPG elements. Such elements include team/deck building mechanics and a Fight Assist feature that gives the players the opportunity to take a more tactical approach to fighting, should they want to.
Complete with dozens of unlockable characters, special moves, and upgrades, it’s hardly a far-fetched statement to say this will definitely be a game to look out for.
Though we’ve not been given a specific release date just yet it has been confirmed for iOS and Android so no platform wars here, ladies and gents.
We’ll update this page when more information becomes available. Check out Hidden Variable’s website here.

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