Lichdom Battlemage Gets Massive Patch: Fixes Frame Rates and Screen Tearing on PS4 & Xbox One

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Digital Foundry found that a patch is released on the title Litchdome Battlemage for the PS4 and Xbox One. The original release had a very bad frame rate on both platforms and was stated by many to be very unplayble. Developers behind the project listened however and today a patch comes out that make the game more playable on both PS4 and Xbox One.
PS4 has a unlocked frame rate that goes from 24-60FPS at 900p while Xbox One has frame rate locked at 30FPS running at 900p. This makes the game playable and allows console gamers to enjoy this first person action title. The frame rate is still a bit of an issue on PS4 and load times on both versions are still quite long (takes a minute & 30 seconds to load levels) but it is a massive improvement over the original release.

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