Pokemon Ranger (DS VC) Coming to Wii U

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The DS got a number of Pokemon Spin-Off adventures, and one of the early ones was a title called Pokemon Ranger. This game had you use the DS touch screen to have Pokemon join your side to help you out explore the games world. It got mixed reception at launch and later installments in this sub-series of Pokemon Games got better.
Today, it was announced by Nintendo that the game is coming to the Wii U E-Shop and the full press release follows.

Capture On! Play as a Pokémon Ranger and work to preserve nature and protect Pokémon!
In the Fiore Region there are those sworn to serve people, Pokémon, and nature–the Pokémon Rangers. In their frequently challenging line of work, the Rangers rely on their Capture Stylers–special devices that only they are allowed to use. Using their Catupture Stylers, the Rangers borrow the abilities of Pokémon to uphold Fiore’s peace. But look out for the Go-Rock Squad–they want to use Pokémon for a more sinister purpose, and it’s up to the Pokémon Rangers to help stop them. It’s an adventure that gets you into the Pokémon action like never before!

Source: Nintendo

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