Sonic Anniversary Party – Recap of Event

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Tonight was a great time to be a fan of the Sonic series, as so much was announced and shown off for the Blue Blur. We will be going over all the announcements one at a time in a organized order.

Sonic Mania Announced – PS4/X1/PC

This project was the first major announcement of the show, with it being a mix of a brand new Classic Sonic game and a remix of older Classic Sonic games. The team that brought us the fantastic remasters/remakes of Sonic 1, 2 and CD on iOS (PS3/360/PC for Sonic CD) is hard at work on this project in addition to Sonic Team overseeing and assisting production.

Sonic Mania is set to launch Early 2017 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC with the title being playable now for people attending the Anniversary Party right now.

Sonic in Lego Dimensions

Sonic was announced to be part of the Lego Dimensions Year 2 content and now we have more official info on this announcement. Travelers Tales is once more working with the Sonic IP again after 3D Blast & Sonic R in the late 90’s with them bringing the Blue Blur into the Lego Worlds.

Sonic comes with his Sonic Racing Car & Tornado Biplane and his moveset mixes his Classic and Modern abilities (Spin dashing, Homing Attack, His stomp kick, ect). Sonic also comes with three levels to play on, with them being Green Hill Zone, Death Egg Zone and Emerald Coast.

Green Hill replicates Sonic in 2D but we saw no footage of Death Egg or Emerald Coast in action. Great announcement honestly and Sonic’s Level Pack will be releasing this November for all versions of Lego Dimensions.

Sonic Boom Season 2 Trailer

Sonic Boom is getting another season and a teaser trailer was shown off. The writing appears to be sharper compared to Season One and the animation seems more fluid as well. In addition to Season 2 of Boom being shown off, the cast shared a few words of there appreciation with working on the Sonic IP and the E3 trailer for Fire & Ice was shown off yet again.

Sonic: The Media Icon – Hello Kitty, Race Cars and More

This event also took the time to show Sonic’s multimedia stuff, with some of this already reported by us early today. Sonic will be getting a specially branded Honda car with it having the ability to play the Classic games when you pop-up the hood.

Hello Kitty is also getting special Sonic plushy’s with a rare Super Sonic variant announced.

One last media venture related content toward Sonic is that the head of SEGA’s Brand Management talked about possible theme park attractions on Sonic and that the Sony Pictures Movie still is in production.

Sonic 2017 Project Announced 

Sonic is once more working with his younger self in a new adventure set for a late 2017 release on every current generation platform (PS4/X1/PC) in addition to Nintendo’s upcoming NX console. This appears to be a more darker tone compared to Generations, as the teaser shows Eggman-like robots tearing up what seems to be City Escape.

We will likely hear more about this title in the coming months but is great to see SEGA and Sonic Team show Colors & Generations proudly when they first show the teaser, saying ‘From the Makers of…..”

Sonic is a franchise that has its ups and downs, but its one that really hit an solid streak after the release of Sonic 4 and outside of Boom Wii U, it continued to offer quality software on the IP from Sonic Team. This new project will hopefully continue that trend and the series will get a lot of respect going forward.

So that is it for announcements! It was a fun party and we will be covering more Sonic related news as more information comes out on the 2017 Project & Sonic Mania!

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