Upcoming Content For 3wirel – Reviews and More

Hello everyone. This is just a small update that will cover the next wave of content landing on the site for the next few days. Firstly, we have a lot of reviews planed, with the following coming soon.

  • Flat Kingdom: Paper Cut Edition
  • Freedom Planet
  • Chameleon Spy
  • 10 Second Ninja X
  • Ninja Pizza Girl
  • Gal*Gun
  • Laser Disco Defenders

Regarding anime and movie review content, there is a lot to cover like the Summer Season Anime Line Up & a few movies, so keep an eye out for reviews on shows like Orange, 91 Days, and more.

Lastly, expect news to continue being frequent and in-depth, as the next few weeks will have events like Gamescom happening. Thank you all so much for reading our content and supporting 3wirel all this time, its been an honor writing for your all and we are happy that you are enjoying our content.

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