Disney Infinity 3.0 – Server Shutdown Dates Announced: PC & Mobile Support Ending March 2017

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Disney Infinity 3.0 has been meet with a ton of sad news the past few weeks, with reports of a number of figures planed for release and play-set content coming to the game being cut and scrapped after the games announced cancellation. Now, the game is getting shut down for good, but Disney released a press statement explaining how this is all going to work, which will be listed below.
Some noteworthy information indicates that support for the games famous Toy Box features and support for the Mobile and Steam releases of Infinity are on a time limit now; both have shut down dates listed & announced. Shame to hear this honestly, as the Toy Box offered a lot of great content and younger gamers likely grew attached to this feature of the game.
One thing to point out though: The updates to the game which contain the Play-Set’s for Marvel Battlegrounds & Finding Dory alongside the post-launch figures is on the PlayStation Network, Xbox Live & Nintendo E-Shop servers. Meaning, even when features are getting shut down, you CAN play these modes if you are connected to the Internet.
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Since announcing the discontinuation of production on Disney Infinity, the team has been exploring timelines for the closure of the game’s online versions and community features. The goal has been to offer extended access to these services, while also providing clear communication about what players can expect. It’s important to note that:
The console versions of Disney Infinity will continue to operate as usual with full access to figures and play sets only with the exception of community content features and online multiplayer. Until September 30, 2016, Community Content will still be available and players will be able to upload and download any of their favorite Toy Box creations.
As of today (July 29, 2016):
No in-game purchases can be made within the PC, Steam version of Disney Infinity 2.0, iOS, Google Android, Amazon Android and Apple TV versions of the game as this feature has now been removed. Players can continue to make in-game purchases within the Steam version of Disney Infinity 3.0.
As of September 30, 2016:
Players will no longer be able to log in to play the PC, iOS, Google Android and Amazon Android versions of Disney Infinity. These will no longer be available on the respective app stores. The Steam versions of Disney Infinity 2.0 & 3.0 will remain operational with the exception of all online services and community features as these will be discontinued. Apple TV versions of Disney Infinity will be removed from the App Store
The Disney Infinity Community team will no longer be reviewing or approving any new Toy Boxes that are submitted to Disney for all console, mobile and PC versions of the game. However, when playing on any console, Apple TV or Windows 8/10 versions of the game, players can continue to download their favorite Toy Boxes from the Community Content section until March 3, 2017.
As of January 3, 2017
No in-game purchases can be made within the Windows 8/10 versions of the game as this feature will be removed.
As of March 3, 2017
Apple TV and Windows 8/10 versions will no longer be available, supported or playable
All Disney Infinity online services and community features for all versions will be discontinued

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