Playdead’s Inside Coming to PlayStation 4? – Trophy Leak Comes Out

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This indie title from the minds behind Limbo recently released on Xbox One and PC, but it appears that it will land on the PlayStation 4 in the future. Wario 64 on Twitter shared his findings that the trophy listings of the game came out, which means that a PlayStation version is in the works.
After clicking this link, you will see that its for Sony’s PlayStation 4, so the game will be coming to the PS4 in the future. This happened with other games in the past, like how for a long time, Valkyrie Drive (Vita) had English Trophies listed but it never came out in North America or Europe, but not long ago was officially announced for western markets later this year.
This could happen for Inside in the future, so maybe we will hear more from Playdead Games in the future regarding the PlayStation 4 version of this title.
Source: NeoGaf

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