Spark The Electric Jester (PC) – New Trailer & Demo Live

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This Sonic the Hedgehog-like title from the same studio that brought you Sonic Before the Sequel, Sonic After the Sequel & Sonic Chrono Adventure is coming out February 2017 according to comments from the developer on Sonic Retro. To celebrate the game getting closer to completion, the developer released a new demo containing a lot of content.

– Improved controller support (xbox gamepad now fully supported)
– Pause menu! Yay.
– Lots and lots of minor changes.
– Couple of new powers added in: (Knight, Mage and ??? Jesters)
– Fire/Gravity/Edgy jesters have received major reworks: I wasn’t really happy with them in the last version but now they are much closer to my original vision for them. Gravity being the flying power, Fire being the fighter and Edgy being the ultra agile ninja.
– Smog sewer has been added back in: thought it would be a good idea since it was in older demos too. This now adds the demo content to 4 stages.
– Tons of re-balancing the difficulty.
– All cutscenes in the game have been rewritten: Plot is a lot more straightforward now. The plan is to have any character development and backstory to be told only waaay later in the game, even past the ending.
– And lots more.
The next backer build will come out as soon as I can, there is still a couple of bugs I want to iron out. But first, I’ll probably take a break for a few days, releasing a demo is always a very tiresome process.

You can find a link to the demo of the latest release and more at the games Kickstarter Page, which will be shared here. I plan on posting a First Impressions piece covering this latest demo in the future, so stay tuned on future coverage on LakeFeperd’s upcoming platforming adventure.

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