One Way Trip Still Coming to the PS Vita – Releasing At a Later Date

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This interesting adventure game is coming to the PS4 soon but many wondered about the PS Vita release. The developer gave this comment regarding that.

The Vita version hasn’t been cancelled at all – we love the Vita, the game looks great running on it, and that version has gotten a really positive response when we’ve had it playable at shows! However, since this is our first time launching a game on console, we were worried about how much a simultaneous launch on two platforms could end up pushing the dates for both back, so we decided that it was best to just release each version as it was ready, so people get a chance to play the game sooner – the Vita version is definitely still coming, and it was a really tough call to stagger the launches, but when I thought about what I’d prefer, as someone who owns and enjoys both systems, I thought I’d rather be able to at least play the game in some form – so I don’t really think of the Vita version as coming later, but as the PS4 version coming out earlier than they would both have if we were launching both at once! But the game will still Cross-Buy, so when the Vita version hits the store, anyone who already owns the PS4 version will be able to download it at no additional cost. Hopefully this helps you understand a little more where we’re coming from – and thanks for your interest in our game!

Basically, the game is still coming to the PS Vita and the release date just got pushed back to ensure both launches (PS4 & PS Vita) are successful and run well. We will cover more as further information is released.
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