The Jimqusition Website Hit by DDoS Attack in Response to No Man’s Sky Review

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Many people enjoyed No Man’s Sky a good deal after its launch but sometimes when a popular thing gets negative reception, people can get upset. Jim wrote his review on the promising title and gave it a 5/10, which sparked not only a lot of traffic to his site but someone decided to attack the site, not being happy with Jim’s review.

If you tried to visit The Jimquisition Dot Com yesterday, you may have noticed it was unavailable, with any number of errors showing up.
This is because the site was hit with a DDoS attack following the publication of my No Man’s Sky review.
The discourse around No Man’s Sky, it seems, remains as sensible as ever!
At first, the groundswell of traffic as people rushed to read up on one of the most bizarrely overhyped games of all time seemed to legitimately give the site problems, but eventually traffic got so intense the site was manually shut down by the host as a protective measure.
It would later be confirmed that the review served as catalyst for an attack as opposed to just an innocent burst of readers. It took some time to sort it out, since the fact the review ended up getting a ton of linkage on Reddit meant that, indeed, a genuinely huge traffic spike was occurring at the same time.
Anyway, once the problem was finally figured out, I just had to click a few buttons so that people who aren’t me could go ahead and fix it. The site would have been in working order quicker but it needed to be manually restored by people who, again, aren’t me. I’m not good at technical stuff, if you couldn’t tell by now. This is why I pay people.
I’ll leave my general thoughts about the ridiculousness of the behavior surrounding No Man’s Sky in general for an upcoming Jimquisition (you better believe that’ll be a fun one), but suffice to say right now that the attack was incredibly pointless

Source: NeoGaf

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