Update to FFXV Delay Rumor – GameStop Image Comes Out

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We reported on a rumor about Final Fantasy XV being pushed back too November 29th but made an update to the rumor after GameStop reports came out saying this isn’t happen. Now however, this isn’t the case apparently.

Update on 08/13/16
Following the release of our initial report, many GameStop employees and concerned readers contacted me to note that their stores’ promotional materials still cited a September 30th release date. It’s true that GameStop stores were very recently sent materials with that date, but the date has apparently been changed since those materials were printed and shipped. As a result, the old materials will still be used, but stickers with the new date are being sent to GameStop stores to cover up the old date. The new date is planned to go on display on Monday, August 15th, so an official announcement will likely come then, if not sooner. 

Gamensia covered this with a post (listed above) and we will cover more information as news comes out. We will likely hear an official announcement from Square Enix regarding this in the future if this rumor is correct.
Source: Gamensia Updated Post

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