Intelligent System Manufacturing & Publishing Figures on Fire Emblem Characters

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Found on NeoGaf by user Jim_Cacher, Intelligent Systems is working on various figures in-house on FE characters.

When I was browsing for new figures announced in Wonder Festival 2016 Winter, I discover something interesting. As many of you may know, Camilla from Fire Emblem Fate is getting a figure. Surprisingly, the figure itself is manufactured and published by Intelligent System itself, as indicated in the info plate next to the figure, whereas the two released Fire Emblem Awakening figures (Sallya and Tiamo) are both manufactured and published by Max Factory.
Another interesting information is that monolith is the production assistance of said figure. Is this ‘monolith’ in fact ‘Monolith Soft’? (In fact, monolith is the coloring person, not Monolith Soft. Thanks Busaiku) If it does, this is probably an unprecedented collaboration, since as far as I concerned, Monolith Soft is helping other Nintendo studios to develop games but not helping one get into figure production business.
Bonus: The sculptor of Camilla is Kawagoe Hiromitsu is quite a talented man who have made a few famous figures. The most famous ones are probably Black ★ Rock Shooter and Musashi from Kantai Collection.

This is very interesting, considering how they worked with Nintendo in the past regarding liscening rights to figure makers for things like the Amiibo’s and such. Looking forward to seeing more figures come out of Intelligent Systems.
Source: NeoGaf

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