Easy Allies (Former GameTrailers Writers) making Deus Ex Retrospective!

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GameTrailers made amazing video series covering a number of gaming franchises with long Retrospectives like Ratchet & Clank and Kingdom Hearts. Now, they will be going into the future worlds of Deus Ex and making a Retrospective on that series.

Take an extensive look at the development, story, and game design of Deus Ex and Deus Ex: Invisible War in part one of our first Retrospective as Easy Allies. Deus Ex 1 gameplay was captured on PC and Invisible War footage was captured with the OG Xbox.

Written by: Michael Huber and Bradley Ellis
Edited by: Brandon Jones

A Part 2 is coming soon and more information can be found below.

Be wary, there are spoilers for the first and second games in the video. (of course)  You may remember their retrospective series when they were formerly Gametrailers. You can find a link to the archive playlist of their former retrospective videos hereThe retrospectives videos were only possible because of Easy Allies Patrons. Check out their Patreon page.

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