Astro Boy: Edge of Time Officially Announced (PC & Mobile) – Digtal Card Game on Kickstarter

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After a teaser site going live, this title is officially announced. It is a card game using IP created by the minds behind the Astro Boy IP and it’s kickstarter is now live. More information can be found below.

A Digital CCG based on the work of the Godfather of Manga, Osamu Tezuka’s universe, featuring world famous creatives.
Platforms – PC (WIN/MAC/LINUX) + Mobile & Tablet (iOS/Android)
Release Date – Early 2017
Genre – Collectible Card Game
Single Player – Campaign with a constantly expanding story that enriches the Tezuka Universe
Multiplayer – Competitive Ranked Matches and Friend Matches
Unique Positional Combat: players have access to two rows in combat: an offensive row where cards are able to attack the enemy, but cannot protect the player, and the defensive row where cards defend incoming attacks but are unable to initiate attacks.
Reimagined Characters: Fresh new redesigns of Tezuka’s most famous characters crafted by Japan’s most legendary illustrators.
Story Mode: Experience a whole new adventure with Astro and other famous Tezuka characters that intertwines a deep storyline with unique card-based combat.
Multiplayer: Battle other players in multiple ranked and unranked online modes and prove yourself as the best summoner in The Sprawl.
Ongoing Development: The experience is always growing! Regular updates for ASTRO BOY: EDGE OF TIME will add new cards, new story mode episodes, and new multiplayer modes, so there’s always something new around the corner.
You play as a summoner, equipped with a powerful deck of “cards” that allows you to summon mighty heroes from across time and space to fight to defend your new home. In the full game, players build decks of 30 cards to take down mighty foes and defend The Sprawl or take on other players in a plethora of ranked and unranked multiplayer modes.

You can learn more about this project by visiting the games Kickstarter page and even play a demo of the title, also on the titles Kickstarter page. 
Source: NeoGaf

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