2064: Read Only Memories Pushed Back for PS Vita & PS4 – No New Release Date Given

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Game development is difficult and sometimes last minute situations push back all of your plans, having a big impact on the games development. That appears to be the case here, as 2064: Read Only Memories was coming to the PS Vita & PS4 in September but now is pushed back to an unknown date. Below is a press release from the developers explaining why this happened and ensured that the game will get its console release in the future.

We have made the unfortunate decision to indefinitely delay 2064 due to unforeseen circumstances that arose at the end of porting. :/
Indefinitely does not mean cancel, it means delay 😉 It’s a technical issue and complicated. The game is and has been done for a while! Believe us, we would have wished for nothing else than to release our game on time and show you all the hard work we put it into this!! Ultimately, the core team is not engineers or programmers, and we grossly underestimated one part of the porting process and that’s our bad. And… we also don’t have the money right now to do those things that need to get done, sooooo… we’ll just wait until we do!
Or we figure something out. Which we will! But we also don’t want to leave you hanging :/ We care about you too much. In non-technical speak, we tried to layer too much new stuff onto an already fragile foundation, including VO, JP localization, and blammo. So while we figure things out, we’d rather not just give you X date and then miss it be like oops and let you down
We always have prided ourselves on our work and doing what we say and saying what we mean and to miss our release date gutted us! We want to make sure we get our next chance with you perfect *_*
Maybe there’s something we can do to make up for this……

Source: NeoGaf VIA Developers Twitter Page

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