King of Fighters XIV Launch Trailer (PS4)

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THE KING OF FIGHTERS XIV launched in the Americas yesterday, so we figured this is the perfect time to announce that the KOF XIV WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP will be held in January 2017. SNK will invite the world’s strongest players to duke it out and see who burns to fight the most. There can only be one champion, so we’ll soon see who deserves to be the true King of KOF XIV.
More details for this event will be unveiled soon!

Oh, and it wouldn’t be a proper launch without a launch trailer! Get even more fired up for the game as you watch Kyo, Iori, Nakoruru, Terry, and more unleash their burning desire to fight against hapless opponents. With 50 characters (all available at launch), series-first 3D graphics, streamlined controls, updated Combo/Max Mode mechanics, a robust single-player storyline, vastly improved netcode, new multiplayer features such as “Party Battle,” and more, THE KING OF FIGHTERS XIV will surely scratch that fighting game itch.

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