Adventure Time Vita Game Getting Retail Release in Japan

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If you remember earlier in the Vita’s life cycle, the platform got some kid-friendly titles. One of these games is Adventure Time: The Secret of the Nameless Kingdom. This title developed by WayForward was a top-down adventure game in the styling of Zelda. It was a digital release only…..but not anymore apparently.

In Japan, a publisher by the name of lightweight will be releasing a retail version of this game for the PS Vita. You can find a link to buy this retail version here. 

This discovery was by Takao through a new post on the Upcoming Vita Games Thread on NeoGaf. Thank you for sharing this information with us all!

Update (10/3/16): Thank you to my friend @Kresnik258 for pointing this out; this is NOT a limited release and is in fact releasing in Japan.

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