GamesRadar Article: “In Loving Memory of the PS Vita”

While the name of the article GamesRadar published titled ‘In Loving Memory of the PS Vita’ might imply that the Vita is ‘dead’, the piece is in fact a well-written article covering the history of the Vita platform over the years. It is detailed, covers a bunch of different part’s of the systems launch, early titles released in it’s life-cycle like Uncharted: Golden Abyss and where it is today. I enjoyed reading this and you can find the full article by clicking here. Below will be a quote that introduces the article. 

Last year Sony confirmed that no more first-party games would be developed for PlayStation Vita. Although far from the final nail in its shiny black coffin, the message was clear. But despite this lack of faith, and a history of disappointing sales, the Vita is a magnificent piece of hardware, with one of the most diverse libraries of games on any console. It deserved better.

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