GamesRadar Article: “In Loving Memory of the PS Vita”

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While the name of the article GamesRadar published titled ‘In Loving Memory of the PS Vita’ might imply that the Vita is ‘dead’, the piece is in fact a well-written article covering the history of the Vita platform over the years. It is detailed, covers a bunch of different part’s of the systems launch, early titles released in it’s life-cycle like Uncharted: Golden Abyss and where it is today. I enjoyed reading this and you can find the full article by clicking here. Below will be a quote that introduces the article. 

Last year Sony confirmed that no more first-party games would be developed for PlayStation Vita. Although far from the final nail in its shiny black coffin, the message was clear. But despite this lack of faith, and a history of disappointing sales, the Vita is a magnificent piece of hardware, with one of the most diverse libraries of games on any console. It deserved better.

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