Skylanders Imaginators Includes All 12 Racing Tracks from SuperChargers

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Skylanders Imaginators is does not just have new content, but it also supports a lot of older content from prior Skylanders games. Figures from other versions like DK and Bowser from SuperChargers on Wii U, prior generation Skylanders like Spyro and Jet-Vac…..and the full kart-racing modes from SuperChargers.
That fully returns as an optional side-game for any Skylander in the main hub of Imagiators and it includes all 12 tracks (six of which were tied to Adventure Packs sold outside the main game). What I am not sure about if if you need the SuperChargers cars/planes/boats to access the race tracks but even if you do need them, it is nice to see a lot of content from SuperChargers carry over into Imaginators.
Source: Tealgamemaster

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