Digital Foundry: Metroid Prime (DF Retro)

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The Metroid series got a major face-lift when it leaped on to the Nintendo GameCube and the team responsible for that is the group known as Retro Studios. Today, Digital Foundry takes a look into the technology behind one of the GameCube’s strongest titles.

On this episode of DF Retro, John revisits Retro Studios classic installment in the Metroid series. Now in first person, Retro and Nintendo manage to perfectly translate the essence of the Super NES classic into full 3D. Metroid Prime delivers some of the richest visuals on the GameCube all at a rock solid 60 frames per second. We follow up with a quick look at the Wii version of the game and check out Metroid Prime running on the PC using Dolphin Ishiiruka.


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