Rage – 360 vs. Xbox One BC Frame Rate Test

The versions tested were the latest version on Xbox 360 and version 1.0.1609.42216 on the Xbox One. The Xbox 360 version was installed to the hard drive.

It appears that the dynamic resolution is much less likely to engage on Xbox One than on Xbox 360. Pixel counts for some of the most demanding scenes on Xbox One come back as 1280×720 with similar scenes noticeably dropping below this on Xbox 360.

There seems to be a bug that causes audio playback issues on Xbox One. This can be fixed be transitioning between areas. There also seems to be a rare bug on Xbox One that causes the frame rate to drop significantly followed by the game completely crashing (http://imgur.com/a/WTHWF). This bug only happened once in over 3 hours of gameplay.

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