Digital Foundry – Battlefield 1 PS4 Pro vs. PS4 & PC (Graphics Comparison)

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Battlefield 1 seems to be the showcase title for the PS4 Pro, as it offers a number of improvement over the standard PS4 release.

– Uses checkerboard rending
– On 4K screens, uses dynamic resolution, ranging from 1440p – 1656p
– Increase in alpha effects
– Texture details locked at high on the Pro (medium – high on base ps4)
– terrain quality gets upgrade (locked at medium vs medium-low on base ps4)v
– undergrowth quality, shadow quality and AO unchanged from base PS4 version
– Performance improvements on the campaign (MP test in a future video)
– Single rendering mode that caters to both 4K and 1080p users via automatic upscale/downscale
– No HDR
– Higher rendering resolution
– Better framerate
– A bit better effects
– A bit better textures
– Faster asset streaming
– 4K TV users get much better image quality when compared to base PS4 [stretching 900p to 4K].
– 1080p TV users get very nice downsampled sharp image and more solid framerate [in campaign]

Source: NeoGaf

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