Interview with Nicholas Marcelin on Project Classic: Warped

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The gaming community has a lot of great talent that offers amazing worlds to explore and inventive ways to play genres of games we played many times before. One very promising game, called Project Classic: Warped is doing a lot of interesting things and today I have one of the developers behind the project with me to answer some questions.

RK: Can you introduce yourself?
Nicholas: Hey my name is Nicholas Marcelin, Founder of Primeshots LLC and proud owner of a YouTube channel with over 15,000 amazing subscribers. I’m currently the lead developer of Warped, a whimsical Action Platformer set in the early 2000’s.
RK: Happy to have you with us today! What was your introduction to video games?
Nicholas: Well, I was introduced to video games at a very early age; I was one of those children that was shoved in front of a computer to keep quiet. My first video game actually wasn’t a full game at all, but a Demo disk for one. Remember those? It was a small diskette of Spiderman found in a cereal box. It wasn’t until the release of the PlayStation 2 that I actually got my hands on Jak and Daxter: Precursor Legacy. Man, to this day that game is my favorite of all time.

RK:  What made you want to work on “Project Classic: Warped” and what were some inspirations for the project. I heard that this project is releasing on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita, so why did you pick development of this project for those platforms?
Nicholas: Great question. Initially Project Classic was a nod to two of my favorite things; The Sony PlayStation Vita and classic platforming games like Jak and Daxter. The Vita had so much going for it, but ultimately lacked the support it deserved. Nowadays it’s been up to the community to keep the handheld alive.
There’s been so many indie announcements for the little guy, so much support that I just had to do something big for the handheld. Yes, the game is now being developed for PlayStation 4 as well, but I see this as a good thing. The PlayStation 4’s larger install base has allowed us to take the game to places we never thought possible. Warped going to be something so much bigger than originally anticipated and we can’t wait to show off the full game to fans soon.
RK: This is very exciting to hear! I love the original Jak and Daxter a lot, so hearing that your project is taking some inspiration from that title is wonderful to hear. I think making the game on the PS4 and Vita is a smart move too, as you can continue to make your project bigger while also ensuring Vita owners can play your game. My next question would be while you are making the game, what are some elements of the project you hope people enjoy the most?
Nicholas: Definitely the gameplay mechanics. Without giving to much information away, let’s just say that the game allows the user to switch between three different playing styles. This allows for some unique and challenge gameplay rarely seen before in gaming. I think the story design will be really fun and exciting as well. Story is what really separates an indie game with a triple A game and we want to blur the lines between that.
RK: Having gameplay that dynamically changes depending on the play style is a bold move, but one that could play off in a big way. It will give your game a unique identity for sure. Any Vita specific features you want to implement into that version of the game?
Nicholas: There are no plans for any Vita specific features at this time. Currently, our main focus is making sure that the game runs properly on the handheld and it feels right at home. Anything that works on the PlayStation 4, but doesn’t on the vita gets canned. Getting the game on Vita is a main priority and we won’t let anything compromise that. However, we do plan on working with Sony to implement cross play and cross save features.

RK: Great to hear that features many PS4 and Vita titles share are going to be featured in your title! Cross save for a big game like yours is something I think many would appreciate! Are you happy the Vita community regarding their reaction to the project? I know I’m happy to hear that your exciting project is landing on the platform!
Nicholas: Definitely, I’m glad that the community likes the game so far and I can’t wait to show off the full project to them.
RK: When I heard about your project originally, I was very impressed that you wanted to bring a large, open game to the Vita. Open games do exist on Vita (Borderlands 2 and Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment) but there isn’t many games like that on Vita. You making a game like that for the console that is something many people wanted for a long time, so I am very excited to see where you take the project going forward. What is the goal you want to achieve the most for Warped?

Nicholas: The team and I our working very hard to meet a Kickstarter launch date currently set at early January. The game is something very different and we have only one chance to make it sound interesting and fun. We don’t want to just show an idea, we want to show off the game itself; how the game will look and play when it comes out. I believe that this will be the biggest moment for the game because ultimately the Kickstarter will determine the game’s fate.
RK:  Having a well ran and polished Kickstarter is key for a project to be successful using the platform, so it is great knowing that you and your team at taking great care to ensure the game is ready for it’s Kickstarter launch. When will you share more about the game such as a release date, possible retail version or other information surrounding the project?
Nicholas: In the coming weeks actually. We will also make our Kickstarter announcement then as well.
RK: It is nice to hear that you are sharing more about the project in the coming weeks. Any closing comments you would like to share before we end this interview? I had a lot of fun talking with you about this exciting project!
Nicholas: Yeah sure, I want to thank everyone who helped with the project so far; no matter what happens guys, you were the best team I could ever ask for! Let’s take these last few weeks and deliver a game that will knock the community off their feet!
RK: Very exciting to hear more about your project in the future! Thank you for having this interview with me!

You can learn more about Project Classic: Warped through visiting Nicholas’ Twitter Page and the games official website. The Kickstarter for this project will be announced in the future and expect 3WIREL to have more news about Project Classic: Warped when the Kickstarter goes live.

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