Fans Make Touching Video Tribute For @Alvin_Earthworm (Creator of SMBZ)

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In the honor of Super Mario Brothers Z, many people worked together to share appreciation and love for Mark’s work on the series.
Alen (@TheChaotixBoys):

It’s unfortunate how my buddy Mark is feeling right now, but we did this video to try to get him back into gear. He is a very talented guy, he is a great artist and animator and all around just a nice guy to talk with. And I also like that he is very loyal, especially to me. Like when I DM him, even when he is feeling down, he will reply and we will chat a bit about video games and such. And as for Super Mario Bros. Z, which I absolutely love, so do a bunch of other people, I would love to see it finished one day but the main thing we have to solve right now, is hoping for Mark to get better, then we can focus on his amazing projects. Mark means a lot to all of us, he even gave a lot of us a big part of our childhood. And as we all know, it pains to see our inspirations and motivators in pain and sadness.

Thank you Mark Haynes for the work you have done over the years. We at 3WIREL love the content you produced over the years. Thank you for everything.

Tribute and a get well video to Mark Haynes, who has been feeling down lately. We love you bud!
Original Idea: Alen Alic
Video Editor: CommanderZaktan
Quote Finders: CommanderZaktan / Jayme Pirie…
Chaos Nazo and Shadic – ChakraX
Kirbopher – Chris Niosi
Asylus – KingAsylus91
Speedy the Hedgehog – jmkrebs30
Felix the Vulture – PsychoDinoProductions
Aeon the Hedgehog – Aeon-The-Hedgehog
Merlow, Saito and Aege – DestructionSeries
Jazmina and Super Kooper – SuperKooper
Sensei, Quote and Bolt – SquirrelKidd
Kyson – PacXBoy
Jeff, Hal and Steve – araskin500 and pothouse


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