[RUMOR] – Marvel vs. Capcom 4 Getting announced at PSX Event

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Well this is a very interesting story; reportedly, a new Marvel vs. Capcom title is being announced at the upcoming PSX Event according to this rumor. The above image comes from NeoGaf, as poster Ryce stated that MvC4 is getting announced at the PSX Event. 
A NeoGaf poster named SaikyoBro can vouch for Ryce’s statement as well. 
But please read this as the following; This is a rumor and could easily be false. Do not take this as an official announcement for a new Marvel vs. Capcom title. While sources seem trustworthy, please do not take this as an official announcement from Disney, Sony and/or Capcom. 
Sources: NeoGaf
Update (11/25/2016): This is very interesting, a new post came out on NeoGaf showing further support for this rumor.

Apparently a well known FGC personality told a bunch of people from our local FGC that MVC4 is definitely in the works. Take that for what you will.
Edit: He made no mention of a specific date to my knowledge though.

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