Digital Foundry Retro: Shenmue 2 – A Masterpiece Revisited

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Digital Foundry produces a number of great videos that focus on analyzing games but to me, the best content they produce has easily been the ‘Digital Foundry Retro’ series. They cover Retro games and titles from the past, how they stack up, and the differences between versions of games.
The very first episode was on the original Shenmue and now, we get the second episode.

John revisits Shenmue 2, checking out what made it special, how well it holds up today and the best way to play in the 21st century. Plus: all the Xbox vs Dreamcast graphics comparisons and performance tests you’ll need.

This is one of my favorites in the series, going into pain-staking detail about every aspect of Shenume 2 across the Dreamcast and Xbox versions.

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