Should You Buy ‘My Name is Mayo’ for the PS4 and PS Vita?

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Video games are a lot of fun. They can offer great moments and can make one laugh. But when a simple game is produced with the sole purpose of making one laugh and smile but doesn’t have much ‘core’ gameplay to it, how does it hold up? Can the title be enjoyed despite it not offering that much?
My Name is Mayo is an example of this type of game and today, I will be briefly write about if you should get this title or not. I cannot fairly review this game, as there really isn’t that much to it (no story and limited lasting appeal), so I hope this impressions post will help people decide if they should get the game or not.

The Adventures of a Mayo Jar

The game is structured in a very simple way; you tap a jar of mayo with the analog stick and X button…..and that is it. Honestly that it the only gameplay element to this title. But the fun of the title is the humor linked to it. The writing of this game is enjoyable, making fun of itself and really playing on the crazy idea behind the core game. You earn different quotes, costumes and life facts as you continue to tap the jar, with your goal being to unlock every single ‘fact’ on the list (which you can see by pressing Triangle). Each of the different ‘costumes’ to dress up the jar with are really funny and you will see some of the outfits your jar can dress up as.

It is really charming and gives the game a lot of heart. And that is important, as despite having a charming set up and premise, there isn’t much to offer. The game can fully be beaten in 2 hours and getting the Platinum trophy is a very easy task. My only real gameplay issue is the fact cannot the Vita touch screen to tap the jar. That would be a nice bonus feature for Vita owners.

But the writing helps a lot in making the game enjoyable. For a simple concept, tapping a jar, you do get a lot to play around with. Visually, the game looks solid as well, as the art style of the game is clean and looks quite nice on the Vita.

Overall, I would recommend you get this title, as for only 1$ on the PlayStation Store on both Vita & PS4, you will be treated to a fun little adventure that has you see the many lives of Mayo jars. Easy set of trophies to earn, nice presentation and funny writing go a long way in making a very simple and quite limited concept grow into an enjoyable experience. Link to the games PS4 Store page can be found here (it is cross-buy with the Vita version). 

I played this title on the PS Vita with a review copy provided by the developer. 

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