Kotaku Report: Crytek Employees Say They’re Not Getting Paid

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Cryteck is a studio who in the past did not pay their employees and….sadly, it appears that is the case yet again.

Staff in Crytek’s main office in Frankfurt, Germany have not received checks in nearly three months, according to a person who works there. Last Friday, management at Crytek informed staff that the company was trying to secure funding from various sources—loans and perhaps asset sales—but had not yet succeeded.
People from Crytek’s other studios in Budapest and Sofia have also reported missing payments, both to Kotaku and in anonymous messages that have gone viral on sites like Imgur. Crytek’s Glassdoor is also full of complaints about the company not paying staff on time.
On August 15, I received an anonymous message from someone claiming to be a Crytek employee who said that payments had been delayed all year. May paychecks arrived in June, June paychecks arrived in July, and August paychecks hadn’t come in yet, the anonymous message said. On August 16, the alleged Crytek employee contacted me again with news that he had been paid, but in the weeks and months that followed, rumors of financial trouble continued to swirl.

This is sad to hear, as the studio most recently produced the PS VR games Robinson The Journey which was a successful title and one of the first major games for console VR. I hope that Cryteck does a much better job working with its internal team members and ensures they get the compensation needed from the work they produce. There is a lot to this story and you can read more about it on Kotaku. 

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