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It’s been a long time since Surfing was considered a good marketing move for any video game publisher. the last semi-successful (if you can call it that) surfing game was Kelly Slaters Pro Surfer on the PS2. That was way back in 2002!

Surf World Series by Climax Studios, is an attempt to bring back the sub-genre to the fore front. Check out the below info, trailer and screen shots and see for yourself if you are ready for some surfing action:

Set across 5 of the world’s most iconic shorelines, from the infamous Bell’s Beach, AUS to the extreme waves at Waimea Bay, HI, you can dominate the leaderboard arcade style with 45 single player challenges, or rinse the competition in online tournaments against up to 15 other surfers.

Perform some of surfing’s most intense and original tricks, including the Superman and Sushi Roll, against a backdrop of stunning horizons, golden coastlines and surging waves. With 6 playable characters, and millions of ways to customise, create your own unique style and rise to notoriety using only your sick skills and slick looks.

Ride out the toughest waves or wreak havoc on the competition as you battle for the high score, on PC, Xbox One and PS4. In Surf World Series, ramp up the challenge surfing day or night across 3 different multiplayer modes designed to crank your skills to the limit.

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