Mega Man 1-6 Releasing on Mobile in Japan

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Mega Man recently had his Legacy Collection on the PS4/Xbox One/PC and this summer on the Nintendo 3DS. We enjoyed the collection but Capcom wanted to bring the series to even more platforms. So, they decided to have the blue bomber land on mobile devices in Japan!

All six original Rockman Famicom games are headed to iOS and Android on January 6th, 2017, Famitsu reports. Each title (sold individually, might I add) are said to offer beginner-friendly gameplay options: auto fire, auto charge and adjustable game speed.
But wait! There’s more…

Each game can be synced with the newly released free Rockman Unity app, a news-feed of Rockman Unity in application form. By completing certain missions in Rockman 1 to 6, you can unlock monthly rewards. For example, you can win exclusive lock screen wallpaper (pictured right) by defeating Rockman 1 Robot Masters within a certain time. I may be mistaken, but that piece looks like Shinkiro’s handiwork.
So while this won’t replace the 2017 mobile Mega Man game in development, it is interesting that the series is having leaping to mobile devices in time for the series anniversary.

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