Digimon World: Next Order – PS4 vs. Vita Comparison Version (for JP Intentional Version)

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It has been a while since we talked about this title, so it was nice to see news come out about how look on the PS4 version coming out in NA and EU. But the most interesting thing is that the PS4 version dubbed ‘International Version’ is releasing in Japan.
So, Bandai-Namco put out a special trailer comparing the PS Vita and PS4 versions side-by-side. While the Vita version looks nice enough, it is very clear that the PS4 version is a huge upgrade in both frame rate and visual fidelity. If they showed off this trailer when they announced the project’s localization originally back this summer, I would have been a bit kinder toward the lack of a Vita version honestly. It is clear that they want to make a better looking and playing game, so having this side-by-side video shows off why they want to make a special PS4-only version.
Expect more information about this title on 3WIREL as we get closer toward it’s Western release.

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