Red Fly Studio’s Releases Wii Prototypes in Early 2016 – Batman, Devil May Cry and Star Wars

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Sometimes we learn about a studios work long after a project is concluded and very rarely we even see gameplay of the work they have finished. In a surprising move, Red Fly Studio posted four gameplay videos, each showing off work on one of five prototypes they produced for the Nintendo Wii.

This is of a Star Wars pitch where they showed off how open space combat can work on the Nintendo Wii. It looks quite polished and it sounds exactly like Star Wars, so if this was developed into a full project, we could have a fun space shooter on the Wii.

They also got work done on a pitch to port Arkham Aslyum to the Nintendo Wii. It looks very impressive, with animations mirroring the PS3/360 versions. Visuals look quite nice too, with sound effects pulled right out of the released version of Arkham Asylum.

The Wii doesn’t have a lot of buttons, so a PS2 port of a action-focused game might be tricky. Red Fly Studios took to the challenge and produced a pitch in a few weeks for a Wii Devil May Cry. It looks solid and could of been a fun title.

The last project they shared gameplay on was a re-imagining of the classic Dig-Dug. It blended the classic 2D gameplay from the arcade games with 3D elements. It looked promising and like the other pitches, it was made in only a few weeks.

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