PuyoPuyoTetris English Trophies Appear on PS4

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This is some very surprising news. Apparently, English trophies for the puzzle cross over title Puyo Puyo Tetris popped up on Exophase (discovered by Wario 64). This is really interesting news; SEGA stated in the past this cross-over couldn’t get localized due to licensing issues.

Apparently, this got resolved and the game might see release in Western markets in the near future. Many people really enjoyed this game when it originally released, so it coming out in NA and EU is wonderful to see. One thing that stood out, is that only the PS4 trophies were released in English. The game also saw release on the PS Vita in Japan, so either the game is only intended for English release on Vita or they are holding off putting up the English trophies for the Vita version until an official announcement happens.
Expect 3WIREL to report on any updates to this story as it develops.

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