Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild to Make Nintendo Switch Launch? – Report from Gamnesia

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Many are wondering about when Zelda: Breath of the Wild is going to release in 2017, with reports saying it might be pushed back to localization issues to June or that it will not release on Wii U until after the Switch version releases. While we will know the answer for sure Jan. 12th after the Switch Presentation, the game might make the systems launch after all.

According to Dale, the targeted June window was supplied by two Nintendo of Europe sources, but a Nintendo of America source has now shown her finalized materials that tout it as a launch title. This specifically applies to the game’s North American Switch launch, and no details were provided to her regarding the Wii U release. This is the first time Dale has ever retracted a claim, and she states that she doesn’t take the decision lightly, but new, more compelling evidence has trumped what she was previously told.
Adding one more layer of intrigue to this ever-developing story, popular Japanese publication CoroCoro has allegedly also given indication of when Breath of the Wild will launch. An image that supposedly leaked scans from the next issue surfaced on Reddit, and it labels Breath of the Wild as a “Spring” release. In the context of the Japanese gaming industry, this means sometime in March – May.

Reported by Gamnesia, Breath of the Wild will see release at launch based off marketing material retailers heard from Nintendo of America for the Switch version. It is interesting that Nintendo of Europe is not being clear about when the game is launching, as sources from them indicate that might miss launch.
We will learn more about this hopefully on Jan. 12th but it is clear that Zelda will have some impact on the Switch’s launch in March this year. I do hope we hear word about the Wii U versions release soon though; Wii U owners waited years to play this game and it wouldn’t be fair if they had to wait while Switch buyers can play it day-one.

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