Mario Kart 8’s Roster Wish List

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Hey guys I’m back. Last time, we covered stuff I wanted to see in Mario Kart 8 for the switch. In it I also said that I wanted a better roster and promised to elaborate on who I wanted to see in terms of new comers. Even if they won’t be added in the Switch port, I hope that they’ll be added in future installments. So let’s get started.

Professor E.Gadd
This is a character that a lot of people want to see in Mario Kart and I don’t blame them. Ever since he debuted in Luigi’s Mansion I feel as if he’s been involved with the franchise in some way shape or form. He’s referenced in various games and played an important role in Mario and Luigi partners in time. I just wonder why they haven’t done much with him.

Another character that I’m surprised they haven’t used in this game yet. Mario Kart Double Dash has established that he can drive so why can’t he join in on the racing action? He’s already showed his skills in baseball so I don’t think it’s impossible

I think it’s pretty much common knowledge at this point but originally Kamek was meant to being in Mario Kart 64 but got replaced by Donkey Kong. It baffles me that they haven’t bothered to put him in another installment. He’s pretty much Yoshi’s arch enemy, Bowser’s right hand man and has appeared in various spinoffs.

Yes we’re all sick and tired of fighting him in every world in every 2D Mario game within in the last 7 years. He was even a boss in 3D Land and 3D World mainly because Nintendo loves pulling the nostalgia card; might as well shoe horn him in here. Plus beats dealing with another baby character.

Debuting in New Super Mario Bros U, Nabbit just started to appear in a bunch of games. I mean he’s playable in New Super Luigi, DLC for Mario Golf World Tour, a stage hazard in Super Smash Bros for Wii U, a foil to Bowser in Mario Party 10 and he’s even an unlockable in Mario and Sonic Rio 2016. It’s only a matter of time before he makes his grand debut in the Mario Kart series. Calling it now he’s going to play an important role in the Mario/Rabbids RPG.

Okay, seriously, Nintendo keeps throwing references to Super Mario Bros 2 a lot lately so why don’t they go the extra mile? Birdo and Shy Guy are pretty much considered to be main stays in the franchise. Super Mario Run brought back the Ninji’s who were last seen in Super Mario World (if you ignore the RPGs) so why not include the games Big Bad? Plus we can have another villain that isn’t connected to Bowser in some way shape or form.

I always felt that it was a missed opportunity that they never brought him back. Especially in the Mario Galaxy games which take place in Space. I mean it’s not random; must I remind you that they brought Daisy, Birdo and DK Jr. back for Mario Tennis on the N64? Plus like I said, more villains being added into the mix.

Dixie Kong
I love the DKC games and I’ll take any chance I can get to talk about that series. Funky was already in Mario Kart Wii and I was baffled why they went with him instead of the obvious choice. Dixie would be perfect for this; she was in Diddy Kong Racing DS and has been in Mario spinoffs before. Not to mention she was recently in Tropical Freeze. I think that she would fit right in with the cast.

King K. Rool
Another Donkey Kong representative. We’ve already had two DK reps in the series, so why don’t we have the antagonist? We could have another heavy character that isn’t a clone. It’s either him or Krunch who was in Diddy Kong Racing for both the N64 and the DS.

The original damsel in distress before the Mushroom Kingdom was even a thing.  Once Super Mario Bros and DKC was a huge success for Nintendo, she just faded away and her last major appearance was in Donkey Kong 94 for the Gameboy. However it wasn’t until 2006 when she made her grand return in Mario vs. Donkey Kong 2: March of the Minis where she reprises her role as the damsel in distress. Since then, she’s appeared in every Mario vs. Donkey Kong game. I just wonder why they haven’t used her outside of that sub series and I think Mario Kart is perfect for her.

Captain Syrup
It’s about time we see some Wario representatives in some Mario stuff and who better than the leader of the Brown Sugar Pirates.  Making her debut in Super Mario Land 3: Wario Land, Captain Syrup breaks away from the damsel in distress trope since she serves as the main antagonist for the first two Wario Land games. She made her grand return in Wario Land Shake it with a redesign and funny enough, at the end of the game, she is seen driving her car out of Wario’s area. I guess she’s over qualified.

Ashley the Witch
Another Wario representative except she’s from the Wario Ware series aka the spinoff that Wario is apparently more known for these days. We all know Ashley because of her catchy theme song and the fact that she was a mystery mushroom costume for Super Mario Maker. Plus she fits in the small/lightweight character instead of resorting to the baby characters.

Another character from the Wario Ware series and like Ashley, she seems to be popular among fans. What I like about her is that she isn’t a princess or anything special; she’s just a normal high school student with part-time jobs. Plus she’s usually seen with her scooter, which is her method of transportation. Seeing her tear up the race with that would be amusing to see.

Prince Peasley
Might as well give the RPG series some sort of love. You’re probably wondering why I considered him over somebody like Koops and Flawful. The reason for that is because most of the heavily requested RPG characters are just alternate versions of already existing characters or they’re dead in their own universe I wanted somebody unique. Plus wouldn’t it be cool to have a male figurehead character that isn’t evil?

Before anybody gets mad blame Rosalina’s smash reveal trailer which started of with Kirby on rainbow road and it seemed like he was going to be added in the game. Plus would he really be too out of place here especially considering that Link of all people was added and he seems to be the most out of place person to be in this game.

Every human character that was made for Mario Golf and Tennis
Now I know what yore all thinking. This is the most ridiculous request I have ever made. Now hear me out, with these characters you already have like 10 slots at least and I know many will argue that these guys were just made because they didn’t have a lot of characters in the franchise at the time. That may be true but let’s be real. Waluigi was made because they needed Wario to have a partner for Mario Tennis. Toadette was made because Toad needed a partner in double dash. Honestly what’s the point of making a bunch of unique characters especially if they’re not going to be used? Heck they can even wear racing gear or whatever to fit in thematically.
Well that’s my list on the characters I want to see in Mario Kart. If you agree or disagree, tell me who would like to see added in the roster in the comments section below. I hope you all enjoyed my post and all of us at 3WIREL will be ready to talk about the Switch during the upcoming event. Until next time!


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