[RUMOR] Mother 3 Coming to Switch VC in Q2 2017 – Reported by Laura Kate Dale

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Nintendo’s had a lot information coming out since 2016 from rumors and leaks. But this latest bit of news supports something another Nintendo insider Emily Rogers reported on a while back; Mother 3 getting officially released in western markets. Posted by Laura Kate Dale, Mother 3 will see release in Q2 2017 on the Nintendo Switch. Also according to Laura, the game will see an announcement at the Switch event on Jan. 12th.
This is a rumor, so please don’t take it as an official announcement. But this rumor has so much support thanks to Emily Rogers reporting on this in early 2016, with this recent rumor adding further fuel to the fire. We will hopefully see official information about this project if it’s real in 2017. Many would love to finally play an official version of Mother 3 on a Nintendo console.

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