[RUMOR] – Beyond Good and Evil 2 Timed Exclusive on Switch, Rayman Legends Port, Rabbids RPG News

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Ubisoft has big plans for the Nintendo Switch apparently, with rumors coming from Lara Kate Dale that three projects are coming to the platform. First up is Beyond Good & Evil 2, as the title is coming to the system as a timed exclusive for 12 Months. You can buy it digitally and at retail for the Switch but when it releases on other systems (PS4/Xbox One/PC), it will be a digital only title.

Back in March they initially confirmed to me reports that the game was in talks to be an NX exclusive funded by Nintendo. Source B (Ubisoft) was unclear if a deal was made in the end, but was able to show verifiable evidence that a meeting took place to discuss making the title exclusive to NX.
The timetable of events as I now understand it from Source B (Ubisoft) is that the past six months have been legal and pre-development discussions of budget and direction, project scope, and how much of previous development efforts could be salvaged. The October art teases, as I understand it, were a result of the project reaching a point where all parties were confident they could re-announce it and not have it be another announcement that didn’t ultimately lead to a release.

Beyond Good & Evil 2 is likely going to follow the steps of the original game, being a Zelda-esc adventure game. So it would be a great title for the system as Breath of the Wild players can jump into the game after they had there fill exploring the land of Hyrule. A teaser trailer is finished and will likely be played at the Switch event Jan. 12th.

But Ubisoft’s mascot isn’t getting left out of the fun; Rayman is coming to the Switch through a port of the game Rayman Legends sometime Q2 of this year. Legends is out on everything at this point but it’s great seeing Rayman find home on the Nintendo Switch, even if it isn’t a new game. Lastly from Ubisoft, they will be news on the Rabbids RPG.

Now given an official name called Rabbids Kingdom Battle the game will see release on the Switch but it might get pushed back to September. If the Switch launch line up is packed, it would makes sense to push this back a bit; gives the game more time to get polished and could benefit from better release date.
All of this information comes from Laura Kate Dale and was reported by LetsPlayVideoGames originallyThis is all a rumor so please don’t treat it as an official announcement. But with so many coming out recently for Nintendo, some of this might happen. Await an official confirmation from Nintendo and Ubisoft for the referenced games/projects at the Jan. 12th event. 

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