The Amazing Spider-Man 1 & 2 Taken Off Digital Storefronts

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Spider-Man is no stranger to movie games, with the movie game for Spider-Man 2 being fondly remembered to this day. When The Amazing Spider-Man movies came out, Activision got one of it’s internal studios to develop games based on the movies. While not the best games in the world, they offered some fun with the wall-crawler. If you wanted to get the game though, you will have to hunt down a retail copy, as it got removed from various digital storefronts.
Go Nintendo is reporting it got removed off the Wii U E-Shop but if you take a look at the PlayStation Network Storefront, the games got removed. This includes the late Vita port of Amazing Spider-Man.

The Steam and Xbox One Storefronts are also reported to not have the game up as well. So, it seems that the game is completely gone digitally. Shame to hear this but that happens with licences; they expire and the publisher is forced to remove the games unless they don’t pay to renew them.
You can find retail copies for all versions of both The Amazing Spider-Man and The Amazing Spider-Man 2 at various stores like GameStop or online if you want to hunt down a retail copy.

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