Rime – 27 Minutes of Gameplay from IGN

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IGN releases 27 minutes of footage from the game Rime which was recently re-announced for the PS4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch. It looks to be very open, as you start out passed out on an island, waking up and immediately start moving around. Music, visuals and basic mechanics appear to echo games like Journey and Ico but on a grander scale.
The world is massive in scope, with you having a lot of freedom to do as you see fit. The game carefully guides you, giving indications on where to go and how to play the game but never being too intrusive. The game has interesting mechanics, like one showed off has you picking up fruits and using them to guide animals to specific locations. This is used to get a bore to move over, so you can interact with an object you want to interact with.
Music instantly grabbed my attention, as it sounds both haunting and magical. Sound design like that helps establish how ‘grand’ your game world is and seeing Rime offer that is impressive. We will cover more on Rime as we get closer to it’s launch.

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