Tokyo Xanado Detailed – Plus Version (PS4) in Fall, Base Version (Vita) in Summer

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Tokyo Xanadu was a major announcement Aksys Games said they were bringing to the west during the 2016 Anime Expo and many wondered if the PS4 version (Xanadu Plus) would get localized. Well for those with a PS4 and wanting to get that Plus addition, it will join the Vita’s Summer 2017 launch by releasing Fall 2017.

This is great news, as people would would rather play the game on the go (PS Vita) and people desiring the extra content (PS4) can both be happy. I personally will be playing this on my Vita but I know many PS4 owners will be happy with this news.

Gather ’round, RPG aficionados! Aksys Games and Nihon Falcom are proud to announce Tokyo Xanadu for PS Vita and Tokyo Xanadu EX+ for PS4!
Tokyo Xanadu is a massive action RPG and will release Summer 2017 in North America. Tokyo Xanadu EX+ is an enhanced version of the base game and will release Fall 2017 in North America.
Epic stakes always make for dramatic quests, but any hero worth their weight in loot and XP knows that no adventure is ever complete without a memorable cast of quirky characters. Tokyo Xanadu offers this in spades as you’re guaranteed to encounter a multitude of eccentric personalities in your journey through Moriyama City.
Build relationships and forge alliances as you unravel the secrets of Eclipse and get ever closer to the truth behind the mysterious shadow world. The EX+ version of the game will offer a plethora of additional features to those looking for more content including new monsters, dungeons, modes and a new playable character: the White Shroud.
So there you have it, gamers! Whether you game on the go or at home, Tokyo Xanadu and Tokyo Xanadu EX+ both offer something for everyone!

Also worth noting is that Aksys Games has special editions planed for both the PS Vita and PS4 versions.

  • Tokyo Xanadu Physical Copy (Vita)
  • 5″ Deluxe Morimaru Plush
  • Blade Card Game Deck
  • 60 page Art Book
  • CD Soundtrack
  • Collector’s Box


  • Tokyo Xanadu EX+ Physical Copy (PS4)
  • 9″ Deluxe White Shroud Statue
  • Blade Card Game Deck
  • 60 page Art Book
  • CD Soundtrack
  • Collector’s Box

Source: PlayStation Blog

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