Dragon Quest Heroes I & II Graphics Comparison Screens (PS4 vs. Nintendo Switch)

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Dragon Quest Heroes I & II were confirmed for release on the Nintendo Switch during the Presentation a few days ago but many wonder if the game will compare to the PS4 version of the game. Before we get into comparing the different versions, it IS worth noting Heroes I and Heroes II did see release on the PS3 (Heroes I & II) and PS Vita (Heroes II).
Lets get into the comparison screens, as they originated from BBS (Japanese Website). The Switch version was live streamed not long ago and people got screen shots of the Switch version in action. Below is a comparison between the PS4 and Switch versions.

This indicates that the PS4 version is clearly the better looking game; more effects, added cell-shading and better lighting are all present. The Switch version looks fine enough but it looks much more simplified. Many are thinking it’s based off the PS3 version of the Heroes titles but just upscaled to a higher resolution.

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