[RUMOR] Sonic Mania to get Retail Release on Switch? – Listing from EB Games AU Discovered

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Sonic Mania is a game that will have Sonic and his buddies Tails & Knuckles rolling around at the speed of sound through classic zones new and old alike. But many are wondering that considering it’s releasing on Nintendo’s upcoming Switch platform, could a retail version happen?

It just might, as it was discovered that the game has a retail version listing on EB Games AU. 

This could easily be false, as a few red flags popped up when looking into this; mainly that the place-holder price is $99.95. Considering it’s place holder, that could easily change or this is part of a special collectors edition not announced yet.
Credit for this discovery comes from NeoGaf user Yagharek. Would you like to see a retail release of Sonic Mania? Let us know in the comments below! I listed this story as a RUMOR due to the fact this could be a mistake on EB Games AU part, so please do not take it as an official announcement. 
EDIT: (1/19/2017)
It seems that a retail version was also listed on Play-Asia too and like EB Games AU, it’s only for the Nintendo Switch version. I think the chances of a retail version are very likely if more retail outlets start having listings for Sonic Mania on Switch. We will continue to update this story as further information releases.

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