I Am Setsuna Getting Extra Content for Nintendo Switch Version – Player vs. Player Mode

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Square Enix is bringing it’s RPG Studio production I Am Setsuna onto the Nintendo Switch in all regions not long after it’s March 3rd launch but many wonder if they will be adding special content to this version of the game. It seems Square Enix is doing just that through a Player vs. Player feature.

The Switch version of I Am Setsuna will feature a player-versus-player element added through free downloadable content, Square Enix announced.
By downloading the free add-on, you’ll be able to upload and download data when you advance the main scenario to a specific part of the game, and then battle against the parties of other players in the “Arena of Time.” The Arena of Time will a wide range of character customization for players to enjoy a player-versus-player element specific to I Am Setsuna.

It’s great seeing the game get extra content for the Switch release and we will report on further additions/changes on this title’s transition to the Nintendo Switch.
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