Four Goddesses Online: Cyber Dimension Neptuina – PV Gameplay Trailer

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Neptuina is a series we covered in the past and I personally greatly enjoy. It’s silly but has a good heart, resulting in games that can be wildly different but still have the same spirit. A new title in the franchise called Four Goddesses Online is a 3rd Person Action-RPG where you play as one of the four main goddesses and play a game similar to MMO titles.
Gameplay recently released and you can watch it through the above video. It looks quite fun, mixing action combat with you talking with your fellow party members. Having a item/ability bar at the bottom of the screen implies combat might have timed elements (where you pull off one move/ability/etc but have to wait to re-use it through a cool-down timer). I think it’s promising and could open up combat as you play through the game.
We will continue to report on this and other games in the Neptuina series in the future on 3WIREL.

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