LEGO Dimensions – LEGO Batman Movie Adventure World Gameplay (TheHiddenBlade01)

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LEGO Dimensions released a special Story Pack which contains two pieces of content; six lengthy levels detaling the story of LEGO Batman Movie and a full Adventure World to explore. The Adventure World is Gotham City and it’s quite fast in scope, similar to other adventure worlds. They show the creativity TT Games puts into everything they create and it’s great seeing them tackle the LEGO Batman Movie within LEGO Dimensions.
Some key things I noticed with this footage.

  • LEGO Batman from the starter pack of LEGO Dimensions ‘morphs’ into the LEGO Batman Movie/LEGO Movie version of himself inside both the Story Pack and Adventure Pack.
  • Batgirl, Robin, LEGO Batman and Excalibur Batman all have ‘stop-motion’ styled look inspired from LEGO Batman Movie/LEGO Movie

The source of this footage comes from YouTube user TheHiddenBlade01.  

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