Digital Foundry Retro: The Need for Speed Revisited on 3DO/PC/PS1/******

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Digital Foundry has drifted across a number of classic games in the ‘Retro’ series, covering classics like Daytona USA and Shenmue. A new game is being covered in a recent DF Retro video covering the Need for Speed series, Electronic Arts iconic racing franchise that has lasted for decades.

Rewind to 1994 and join John Linneman for an in-depth retrospective on the original Need for Speed, from its beginnings on 3DO all the way through to the PC, ****** and PlayStation ports and special editions!

These videos are well put together, contain a lot of valuable information about the technical aspects of different versions and cover graphical effects used to make the game sing. It’s a great video and I highly recommend you give it a watch!

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