Digital Foundry Retro: The Need for Speed Revisited on 3DO/PC/PS1/Saturn

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Digital Foundry has drifted across a number of classic games in the ‘Retro’ series, covering classics like Daytona USA and Shenmue. A new game is being covered in a recent DF Retro video covering the Need for Speed series, Electronic Arts iconic racing franchise that has lasted for decades.

Rewind to 1994 and join John Linneman for an in-depth retrospective on the original Need for Speed, from its beginnings on 3DO all the way through to the PC, Saturn and PlayStation ports and special editions!

These videos are well put together, contain a lot of valuable information about the technical aspects of different versions and cover graphical effects used to make the game sing. It’s a great video and I highly recommend you give it a watch!

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