PS4 Get’s Limited Time Price Drop to 199,99 Euros (3/2-3/3) to Counter Switch Launch

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Sony is ready for the Switch launch, but despite the fact both are aiming for different markets (Nintendo for it’s core gamers and Sony for everyone else), PlayStation is being a bit competitive for the Switch launch. For the next two days in EU countries, the PlayStation 4 is going to cost 199,99 Euro’s. That is much lower then the price point of the Nintendo Switch.

Sony has launched a campaign of lightning reduction of PS4 in front of the launch of Nintendo Switch. It is being confirmed by stores in Italy, Germany, the Netherlands or Belgium. For the moment, nothing in Spain.
The March 3, 2017 is going to be a very hot day in stores and video game chains, because if the launch of Nintendo Switch with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and the rest of titles, plus the Horizon: Zero Dawn of yesterday day 1 were not enough, the PlayStation 4 itself could enter into the equation.
Sony has agreed with some stores in Europe to lower the basic PS4 to 199.99 euros during March 3, and only for that day, to counter the output of Switch, according to a source consulted by Gamereactor. We can not confirm, however, which countries would affect this promotion, except in Italy, so we remain expectant to see it in practice.

This is a very interesting move and likely a big reason for this is to give Horizon Zero Dawn a chance at further success, considering both that & Zelda are open world games in addition to the fact many are comparing/contrasting the two titles.
Source Link: Game Ractor

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