Steamworld Dig 2 – Nintendo Switch Demo: Gameplay Footage

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Image & Form Games headlined the Nintendo Switch indie showcase through the announcement of Steamworld Dig 2 and many got excited for another digging adventure. A playable demo was up and running, with people being able to capture footage of it in action.
It’s a short demo but one that shows a lot of promise. It indicates a heavy push toward movement being less stiff and more flowing, as platforming is far more common here then in most of the original game. The designers commented on how levels are being designed now instead of being randomly generated, so the tighter platforming could be an indication of that.
The thing that shocked me the most was a boss fight being featured in this demo. SteamWorld Dig had very few boss fights, so seeing one pop up in this demo indicates that bosses will be a common situation for your characters. Other then those two elements (platforming focus and boss fight), it seems to retain the DNA from the original but just refined.
I’m very excited about this title and we will report on this as further information releases.

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