Digital Foundry: Breath of the Wild – Switch Docked vs. Portable Mode Frame-Rate Test

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Breath of the Wild released for the Switch launch and many are enjoying it. But how does the finished game run? Many cited frame rate issues in demo builds across Wii U and Nintendo Switch in past press events, so the final release has some hopeful for better frame rates.
Digital Foundry found the answer and the end result is a bit surprising. The portable mode runs at a stable 30FPS with few dips but when docked it mirrors performance seen in the Wii U build of the game. This means that when you dock the Switch, you get frame rate dips into the 20’s when out in the field or when in large bunches of foliage.
The reasoning for this makes some sense; when in portable mode the game runs at 720p but when you dock it, the resolution boosts to 900p. A higher resolution could be straining the hardware and the end result is a lower base frame rate.

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